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Games for Learning

CySec is a collectible card game designed to teach middle school students about the principles of cybersecurity and to increase their enthusiasm to pursue a career in cybersecurity by allowing them to assume the role of a cybersecurity mastermind in a game of attack and defense.

The current body of research indicates games can provide valuable real-world experiences for learners and it is now widely accepted that children learn a great deal through game play.  Recent research indicates gaming is most effective when students can engage in interest-driven learning and experience participatory education.  Providing learners with the ability to participate in communities of practice and experience learning environments different than traditional classroom settings increases not only their motivation for learning activities but also increases the degree of complexity they are willing to engage. Additionally, games teach students to think and learn like experts and for us to create learning environments and experiences that foster the emergence of expert thinking.  Additionally,   As games impact the sense of identity of the learner, they also impact the learners’ way of thinking as they progress from the identity of novice thinker to expert thinker.